Fire Cement/Ciment Fondu 25kg Refractory Kiln Stove Furnace Pizza Oven



25KG Ciment Fondu

You are buying 1 of 25KG bag of Ciment Fondu.

Ciment Fondu is suitable for high temperature applications when used with appropriate refractory aggregates, CIMENT FONDU® mortars & concretes can withstand temperatures up to 1250°C.

Fireplace & chimney construction
Barbecues & pizza ovens
Foundry floors & metallurgical works

With suitable aggregates Ciment Fondu can withstand temperatures from -180°c to +1250°C

All form work should be watertight clean and coated with mould oil. To provide a good key for bonding, the base concrete should be free of laitance and soaked with water.

Mix cement and aggregates in the mixer or with a shovel. The ingredients are usually added in the following order : 80% of the prepared water, coarse grog, CIMENT FONDU®, fine grog, adding the balance of the water to obtain a plastic consistency.

For the best performance, the concrete should be compacted by rodding or vibration

Should be done as soon as possible (normally 4-5 hours after casting for non load-bearing structures).


Due to the rapid evolution of heat during hardening, CIMENT FONDU®based concrete and mortars must be kept damp immediately after setting and during the first 24 hours by regular spraying of water, use of wet sacking.

Health and safety.
Alumina Cement, can cause a serious threat to human health, a respiratory associated risk comes from regular and ongoing inhalation over many years, but never the less, because this cement has a heavy alkaline PH level therefore excessive amounts entering in to the lungs can cause temporary respiratory problems and therefore PPE "Personal Protection Equipment" is advised... At minimum a good quality paper mask should be worn to prevent inhalation of the dust, when in a dry state "as supplied" this product will emit high volumes of dust when disturbed.
Other associated risks... precautions should be taken to prevent prolonged contact with the skin "especially more tender areas of skin, this is the case whether wet mixed or in a dry state, The high alkaline levels can cause skin irritation. The wearing of full coverall clothing and especially gloves, this will significantly reduce this associated risk.
Avoid Contact with eyes.
Alumina cement will cause irritation if it comes into contact with your eyes. Avoid handling the clay in windy conditions and beware of splash when mixing.
The wearing of safety goggles significantly reduces this associated risk.
Actions in the event of.
The inhalation of the dust is unlikely to cause any serious health issues unless the inhalation is extremely excessive, other than when regular and ongoing use of this product is undertaken, should you experience any irritation to the air ways, then move away from the dusty area and if the irritation continues or worsens, then please seek medical advise.
Eye irritation.. Wash or rinse the effected eye thoroughly with clean cold water, if the irritation continues then please seek medical advice.

You can avoid skin irritation by Washing to remove from the clay from any areas of of your skin, irritation is more likely to occur on sensitive skin areas, or when left uncleaned for a long period of time. after washing any effected areas, applying a non perfumed moisturiser will help ease the irritation. if irritation persists then seek medical advise.
Keep out of the reach of children!
This product is supplied as a binder for the use limited to non commercial builds or building structures, For information date in reference structural load baring or fir general use within the construction industry should first refer to... The manufacturers Data sheet.

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