The Solid Fuel Advisory Service 

A wide range of appliances are available providing heat to a room, domestic hot water or full heating systems. 

We have experienced and friendly staff available to help and advise you when choosing a solid fuel fire or multi-fuel stove.

There are many benefits associated with a solid fuel heating system, although it uses the same type of radiators and pipe-work as a gas or oil central heating system, it is the boiler that is different. 

A solid fuel boiler does not close down as long as there is fuel available to burn within the firebox, but the rate of burning is managed with modern controls that ensure that maximum burning time is obtained from your fuel and that you are provided with heat and hot water 24 hours a day. 

Solid fuel heating is healthier,  the efficiency of a solid fuel system depends on a continuous flow of air, this constant air change helps to reduce the condensation created by an on/off boiler system, ensuring a healthier environment for people with asthma and allergy problems. 

You can eliminate the worry about power and gas supply failures as you are in charge of your own supply and costs.  There is a wide range of  fuels available for you to burn including wood.  You can burn wood on multi-fuel stoves as well as wood
burners.  Solid fuel stoves and open fires are aesthetically pleasing, ranging from modern to rustic looks.
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