Vermiculite Half Fire Board 30mm



Vermiculite Board - 30mm thickness
Overall size 510mm x 590mm x 30mm

Micalite Fire/Heat Resistant Vermiculite Board
High Quality boards, smooth and durable.
  • Non combustible and fire resistant
  • Easily cut to shape
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties and minimal shrinkage at high temperatures
  • Ideal for use in the construction of fire bricks for wood burning/multifuel stoves, lining of a fireplace/ingelnook opening, lining of pizza ovens etc. among other applications, providing fire protection exactly where its needed
  • Overall size 510mm x 590mm x 30mm

The boards are tested to withstand temperatures of up to 1100 degrees C.

The price is for 1 half sized full board

Condition New


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